New melodic in Hamburg: The melodic city of Hamburg has another stage

The Stage Theater on the Elbe will make its ways for guests in fall. November 23 isn’t just the debut for the glass new structure, yet in addition for the melodic “The Marvel of Bern”.

The Stage Theater a der Elbe is in the prompt area of the Stage Theater am Hafen, where “The Marvel of Bern” is shown. There is even a decent association between the scenes so onlookers can move between the structures. The new scene has an all-encompassing glass front. Contingent upon the climate and the place of the sun, the 10,000 treated steel shingles of the façade give a captivating play of light. The inside offers space for 1,800 observers and is mostly brightened in red. Driven lights and light strips on the roof give the impression of a brilliant sky.

The marvel of Bern

Which melodic will be displayed at the kickoff of the new stage stayed confidential for quite a while. Notwithstanding “The Supernatural occurrence of Bern”, “Aladdin” was exchanged as a #1. Eventually, the 1954 soccer title holders had the option to win the last run for the debut place. The melodic depends on the film by Sönke Wortmann and is an in-house creation by Stage Diversion. The expenses for this creation are during the many millions.

The German public group’s title succeed at the 1954 World Cup frames the foundation for a moving dad child story. Twelve-year-old Matthias Lubanski lives with his kin and his mom in the post-war Ruhr region. Matthias has not yet met his dad. He really loves public player Helmut Rahn and might want to go with his venerated image to the World Cup. At the point when his dad gets back from being a wartime captive, nothing in Matthias’ life is equivalent to previously. More data about the play and tickets for the exhibitions are accessible at Musicals.

First portions from “Wetten, dass…?”

There was a first preview of the melodic on October fourth at “Wetten, dass…?”. There, around 100 individuals from the Stage Amusement team ensured that the crowd in the corridor and at home could encounter the right melodic environment. Any individual who considered how the final plan would be carried out in front of an audience was flabbergasted by the possibility of “Wetten, dass…?” likely disheartened. Obviously, watchers didn’t get to perceive how the last game would be introduced. The organizing of the final stage was worked out in seven days in length cycle and will be displayed interestingly at the debut. To say the least: football isn’t played in front of an audience.






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